Copper Lacqour Coated Matt Finish Copper Leak Proof Bottle

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Indian Art Villa Copper Water Bottle is one of its kind bottle in the world made with No Joints. We use world's purest copper and finest technology in the production of bottles. We are leading brand of a wide range of copper products including Copper Water Pot, Copper Jugs, Mugs , Handicrafted items, Home decore items and gifting items. Our main objective is to establish consumer satisfaction into the domain of manufacturing and exporting of high quality copper products and our other products. We hold strong excellence in services, products-quality, commitment, compliance and competitive rates structure. Indian Art Villa logos are displayed on the images to maintain the authenticity of the images. The logos are not actually printed on the products.Health Benefits of buying Indian Art Villa Pure Copper Bottle:-

  • Helps Kills Bacteria
  • Helps Simulate Brain
  • Helps Regulate Thyroid Function
  • Helps Reduce Joints Pain
  • Helps Digestive System
  • Helps Slow down aging
  • Helps Beat Anemia
  • Helps Heal wounds Faster
  • Helps Fight Cancer
  • Helps Improve skin health
  • Helps Melanin Function

Leak Proof Bottle

Indian Art Villa copper bottle are leak proof bottle. Its lid has a silicone ring to prevent any leak and it has more number of threads so you don't have to worry about leak and spills.

Age Old Uses of Copper

The Ageless Use of Copper bears Testimony to its Myriad Virtues and Everlasting Appeal. Its Therapeutic Value has been handed down to us through the Ages.

In Fact, Water stored in copper ware is virtually "The Elixir of Life". Purified, it helps to regulate digestion and cardiac orders, the basis of Good Health, as practiced by Ayurveda and Rishis from Old Vedic Times.

Antimicrobial Properties

Copper is natural antimicrobial material. Bacteria cannot survive for long in copper utensils. It has been known for Thousands of Years that Copper Metal can inhibit the growth of Bacteria. Viruses and Fundi. Our Scriptures recommend drinking four glasses of water stored overnight in a copper utensil every morning.

" The Disease Causing Bacteria cannot survive for more than few hours on copper surfaces". :- Institue of Micro Biology & Research U. K."

Why to buy Indian Art Villa Copper Bottle?

  • Best Quality:- Made from Preium quality copper.
  • Pure Copper:- The entire bottle is made of copper - even the lid. No Plastic Used in cap like other copper bottles.
  • Brand Goodwill:- We are leading manufacturer and supplier of a wide range pure copper products.
  • Actual Capacity:- We provide product with the actual capacity mentioned in the details.
  • Anti Tarnish:- Indian Art Villa Copper Bottle is Lacquer coated from outside to prevent copper Tarnishing and to maintain look of the bottle

Cleaning Instructions

Cleaning copper bottle is not hassle it's easy. Follow these simple steps and clean your copper utensils.

  • To clean a copper bottle from the inside just squeeze half a lemon into the bottle
  • Then, add 1 tablespoon of salt and 1/2 a cup of water in it.
  • Close the lid and shake the mixture thoroughly just like you shake your protein shake!
  • Pour this mixture out and rinse the bottle with water.

     Product Description:

     Sku Capacity ( Oz ) Weight(Gm) Dimensions (inch)
    IAV-CC-7-115-550 18 Oz 170 7" X 2.5"
    IAV-CC-7-115-900 30 Oz 240 10" X 3"
    IAV-CC-7-115-1000 33 Oz 270 10.3" X 3"
    IAV-CC-7-115-1050 35 Oz 290 10.3" X 3"
    IAV-CC-7-115-1600 54 Oz 330 12" X 3.5"
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