Steel Copper Dish Serving Indian Food Kadai

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SKU: IAV-CC-6-115-5

Steel Copper Dish Serving Indian Food Kadai - 350 ML is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

IndianArtVilla  Handmade Steel Copper Hammered Serving Kadhai , Karahi,  Wok 11 Oz, 16 oz, 23 Oz, 27 Oz, 60 Oz, 77 Oz, 81 Oz

An Essential Indian Dinnerware to present Indian Foods like Curries, Daal, Biryani & Condiments for Authentic Indian Dining Experience

Cleaning Instrucations:- Clean your copperware by hand and avoid dishwasher. Use pitambri powder to clean copper utensils and wipe with soft cotton cloth.

Copper Products Tarnish/oxidize over time, this is Natural for Copper products. Please follow the care Instruction manual for cleaning Copper products. Sample Copper Cleaning powder and instruction manual is provided with every order

Product Descriptions :-

 Sku Material Volume ( Oz) Dimensions ( Inch) Color
IAV-CC-6-115-5 Steel Copper 11 Oz 2" X 5.4" Brown
IAV-CC-6-115-6 Steel Copper 15 Oz 2.2" X 6" Brown
IAV-CC-6-115-7 Steel Copper 25 Oz 2.5" X 7"
IAV-CC-6-115-7.5 Steel Copper 30 Oz 2.6" X 7.5" Brown
IAV-CC-6-115-9 Steel Copper 60 Oz 3.5" X 9" Brown
IAV-CC-6-115-9.5 Steel Copper 77 Oz 3" X 9.5" Brown
IAV-CC-2-133-10 Steel Copper 81 Oz 3.1" X 10.5" Brown