Copper Water Bottle, Lacquer Coated, Drinkware, 33 Oz, Brown

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SKU: IAV-CC-5-166

Indian Art Villa Copper Water Bottle, Lacquer Coated, Drinkware, 33 Oz, Brown

Healthy Habit: Water Stored Over Night In Copper Utensil Is Essential For Hemoglobin Synthesis, Bone Strength And Immunity Building. Copper Helps In Maintaining Digestive Health, Healing Wounds And Relieving Pains. Copper Is An Antioxidant And Anti-Carcinogenic That Prevents Cell Damage And Slows Aging. Copper Is Primary Element To Produce Melanin (Pigmentation Of Eyes, Hair And Skin) In Human Body.

Warnings: Don't use the bottle for storage other than water. Do not Deep fridge the bottle.

Cleaning Instuctions: (a). Inside: Put some pitambri powder with Hot water in the Bottle. Shake well for few minutes and clean with normal water. Cleaning with brush is not required. (b). Outside: Don't use scrubber or chemicals. Bottle is lacquer coated for original copper Use soft cloth to wipe water drops and remove stains on the Bottle. Small blackish spots may form on the bottle due to oxidization as pure copper used in IndianArtVilla Bottle

Product Descriptions :-

 Sku Material Weight (Gram) Capacity (Oz) Dimensions (inch) Color
IAV-CC-5-166 Copper 350 33 Oz
11.5" X 3" Inch Brown