Pure Copper Diamond Hammered Design Glass Tumbler Cup 10 Oz Each

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SKU: IAV-CC-6-142


IndianArtVilla Presents Hammered Copper Glass. Ayurveda states that water stored in a copper Vessel becomes purified. Ayurveda recommends storing water in copper vessels. Benefits of copper according to ayurveda states that Drinking water from copper glass prevents ageing vaya-sthapak ; Copper can destroy undesirable virus and bacteria. When copper dissolves in water water becomes ionic (electrolyte) as can be ascertained by its pH measurement. That is the reason the micro-organisms get killed in such water.This daily use copper Glass reduces the finelines, wrinkles,patchy skin and restores the natural skin glow.This copper Glass is Perfect for use as an accent on your countertop, kitchen, vanity, or holiday gathering, whether to serve water to your guests or to use for decoration, our beautiful water glass is sure to impress.

Inadian Art villa Copper products and utensils are ARTISAN CRAFTED. These Handmade metalware are made by skilled craftsmen in India.

Classy and Attractive Design -These Copper glass are beautifully designed to add grace to your dining experience.The Shiny Brown color of the glass lends them a classy look.

FIGHTS WITH CANCER, CHOLESTEROL & ITS A GREAT BRAIN STIMULANT- Copper helps in formation of myelin sheaths, making your brain work much faster and more efficiently. IT FIGHTS WITH CANCER IF USED REGULARLY. plus its continuous use helps in reducing bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol.

Product Descriptions :-

Set of Material Weight (Gram) Capacity (Oz) Dimensions (inch) Color
IAV-CC-6-142 1 Pieces Copper 90 10 Oz 3.8" X 3" Brown
IAV-CC-6-142-2 2 Pieces Copper 180 10 Oz Each
3.8" X 3" Brown
IAV-CC-6-142-4 4 Pieces Copper 360 10 Oz Each 3.8" X 3" Brown
IAV-CC-6-142-6 6 Pieces Copper 540 10 Oz Each 3.8" X 3" Brown
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