Pure Copper Hammered Finish Bedroom Bottle With Inbuilt Tumbler, Modern Design

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SKU: IAV-CC-3-172

HEALTHY HABIT: Water stored overnight in copper utensil has innumerable health benefits. It has anti bacterial properties that help purify water & remove toxins. It aids digestion & weight loss. It protects us from diseases like arthritis, anemia, blood pressure, hyperthyroid, cancer and relieves us of joint pains. It has immense skin benefits too. So indulge in this healthy habit for a better you!

This beautiful and useful bottle has been handcrafted by skilled Indian craftsmen with care and is of exceptional quality. Keep it beside your bed and have water from the bottle or the cap glass. This Makes for an Excellent Gift for all occasions.

The cap/lid of the bottle is in the shape of a glass. So there is no need to keep a glass with the bottle.

Pure Copper has a tendency to form dark marks due to the oxidation process that occurs when it comes in contact with air or water. These need to be cleaned by using Pitambri Powder (we provide this free with this bottle).

Product Descriptions :-

 Sku Material Weight (Gram) Capacity ( Oz) Dimensions (inch) Color
IAV-CC-3-172 Copper 625 54 Oz 9" X 5" Brown