INDIAN ART VILLA Brass Laddu Gopal Jhula - 15" Height

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Mfd. Month/Year : Feb 2024,

MRP : 183.99

Country Of Origin : INDIA

Material - Brass

Weight - 1275 Grams

Height - 15 inches

Width - 10.2 inches

Number Of Pieces - 1

Key Features

  • Material: Crafted from high-quality brass, the Laddu Gopal Jhula exudes a timeless elegance and durability. Brass is known for its lustrous appearance and ability to withstand the test of time, making it a perfect choice for religious artifacts.
  • Design: The Jhula (swing) is intricately designed with exquisite detailing, capturing the essence of devotion and spirituality. The intricate patterns and motifs carved into the brass reflect the skilled craftsmanship of Indian artisans, adding to its aesthetic appeal.
  • Size: With a height of 15 inches, the Laddu Gopal Jhula is of substantial size, making it a prominent centerpiece for home altars or religious spaces. Its commanding presence allows for it to be a focal point of reverence and devotion.
  • Maintenance: Brass requires regular maintenance to preserve its shine and beauty. Periodic cleaning with a soft cloth and gentle polishing will help maintain the luster of the Laddu Gopal Jhula and ensure its longevity.
  • This beautiful and useful Product has been handcrafted and Artisan Crafted by skilled craftsmen of Indian Art Villa with care & love and is of exceptional quality which makes it a perfect Gift for all occasions.
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INDIAN ART VILLA Brass Laddu Gopal Jhula, standing tall at a majestic height of 15 inches, is an epitome of divine grace and traditional craftsmanship. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this exquisite piece captures the essence of devotion and spirituality, making it a cherished symbol of reverence in Hindu households and temples. Forged from premium-quality brass, the Laddu Gopal Jhula radiates a timeless elegance and durability. Brass, renowned for its rich golden hue and inherent strength, serves as the perfect medium to immortalize the divine presence of Lord Krishna in the form of a playful child, known affectionately as Laddu Gopal. The design of the Jhula is a testament to the skilled artistry of Indian craftsmen, featuring intricate patterns and motifs that adorn its surface with mesmerizing beauty. Each curve and contour reflects the divine love and affection showered by Lord Krishna upon his devotees, evoking a sense of peace and tranquility in the hearts of worshippers. INDIAN ART VILLA Brass Laddu Gopal Jhula is more than just a piece of art; it is a sacred symbol of faith, love, and devotion that transcends time and space, connecting devotees with the eternal grace of Lord Krishna.

Care Tips

  • Dissolve 1 teaspoon of salt into one-half cup of vinegar, and add flour until the mixture becomes a paste. Rub into the brass, leave for about 10 minutes, then rinse with warm water and buff dry.
  • Combine the juice of half a lemon with a teaspoon of baking soda and stir until it becomes a paste. Apply the paste with a soft cloth. If the tarnish is heavy, let the piece sit with the paste on it for 30 minutes. Rinse with warm water and dry.
  • If you want to keep brass feeling natural, you should choose to apply wax regularly over lacquer. Like other metals, brass has a reflective surface that shines when the metal is new, but tarnishes over time and becomes dull and spotted.

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