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Drinking water in copper bottles has significantly proven to be extremely beneficial for your health. Not only does copper help in keeping your digestive system healthy but it also brings the power to fortify your body against harmful microbes. Furthermore, if you store water in a copper bottle, it gets naturally detoxed from all the impurities that it may contain. With the purpose of curating products that promote healthcare, Indian Art Villa brings to you an extensive collection of copper bottles in different sizes and designs. 

Copper Bottles Online by Indian Art Villa

We are a renowned copper bottle manufacturer in US, Canada, UK  and overseas. In our years of experience working with copper products, we have come to develop the most appealing and durable range of copper bottles. We take pride in calling ourselves one of the best copper brands in the US, Canada, UK, and overseas, and consistently thrive on delivering unmatched quality in our products by incorporating feedback from our customers.
Considering the demand for our products around the country, we have started an e-commerce platform for our clients to choose their preferred copper products online. Now you can shop for your desired copper bottles online from the respective categories and order them at your doorsteps through our online platform.

Why Copper Bottles?

Now the big question is, why go away from the regular plastic or steel bottles and move to copper ones? Sure, the copper bottles look amazingly attractive, but that can’t be reason enough to switch from our mundane plastic ones to copper ones.
Well, as it turns out, drinking water in a copper bottle has several health benefits, so that’s a good start. So what are these health benefits that everybody talks about?

Benefits Of Drinking Water In Copper Bottles

    • Helps In Weight Loss

When you start drinking water in a copper bottle, you will see significant weight loss in a short time. It helps your body break down fat and get rid of it in the most efficient manner.

    • Better Digestive System

Copper consists of properties that assist in killing harmful bacteria and diminishing inflammation within the stomach.

    • Heals Wounds

Copper consists of anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and inflammatory properties that help in healing wounds faster. It is also renowned for strengthening the immune system and helping in the development of new cells.

Why Copper Bottles From Us?

However, there’s one thing that you need to be aware of when you buy copper bottles online in India. First off, copper is easy to imitate. This is exactly why there are tons of brands that sell fake copper products, both in the market as well as online.
We are known for being the best copper water bottle brand in US, Canada, UK, and around the globe in terms of the quality and purity that we offer in all of our products. Pick any one of the pure copper water bottles from above, order it online from Indian Art Villa from anywhere, and get it delivered to your doorsteps. The best part is, based on your preferred bottle size, we have all the standard sizes available for you to check out. Our wholesale range includes different types of copper bottles such as copper bottle 1 liter, yoga bottle, etc. If you are looking for a beautiful range of copper bottles online, browse through our collection and pick your favorite today.

We are committed to excellence because we believe in the philosophy of promoting good health across the globe. The reason why we chose to introduce the world to copper utensils is that they have been an essential part of the Indian kitchen since the dawn of our civilization.

But we’re not a group of superstitious individuals who would blindly follow anything that was followed in the past. We wanted to be absolutely sure that copper had in fact shown positive results in some recent studies. As we looked up, our belief was reinforced by several scientific studies that all pointed toward how beneficial copper is in terms of promoting good health through improved immunity and digestion.