Copper mugs are quickly becoming a trend, and for all sorts of reasons. Not only are they very catchy and attractive, but they also detox water from harmful substances stubbornly mixed into it. Additionally, Copper is relatively more durable and robust than glass and steel. 

Order from the most eclectic collection of copper mugs through India Art Villa’s e-commerce platform. Indian Art Villa lets you choose from a wide range of hammered, embossed and plain designs in Copper Mug. Copper mugs with coaster are also available in our collection. Additionally, if you are looking for a place to buy appealing copper beer mugs, we have an exlusive category for the true beer lovers! 

When it comes to copper mug manufacturer in India, Indian Art Villa is the pioneer of this trend. It was after we had recieved a positive feedback for our products, including copper glass, that we decided to start producing copper mugs. We took inspirations from around the world, and tried to incorporate our own ideas to make a copper mug as appealing as possible. We also made sure that these mugs, which are already a hit in Europe, are completely safe for consumption purposes. And these products did wonders! Most of our customers that have bought these mugs found these mugs very unique and appealing. And that’s not just their reviews, their guests also feel the same. 

These copper mugs can be used for a variety of purposes. First things first, given its health benefits, copper is incredibly effective in cleaning drinking water. So its pretty obvious that copper mugs are the best choice for drinking water. Now, when compared with glass, copper mugs that come with coaster are especially better as they can protect water from outside impurities by preventing them from mixing in it. As a whole, copper mugs are preferred for those who like to keep a mesmerizing piece of copperware on their table and store water in it for a long period of time. By the way, keeping water for longer durations in copper mugs has its own benefits because that would allow for more mixing of copper with water before your drink it and enjoy its health benefits. 

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