Indian Art Villa Pure Copper Drinkware Gift Set of Diamond Hammered Design 1 Bottle & 2 Glass With Royal Blue Gift Box, Bithday & Parties, Bottle & Glass

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This beautiful and unique Copper Drinkware Set of Bottle And Glass is made of pure copper. It has been handcrafted with care and is of exceptional quality. It will last a lifetime, and, if properly cared for, multiple generations.
Water is the most essential element to sustain life on this planet. 70 per cent of human body is made up of water. You may have not known this but in ancient times, our ancestors and even our grandmothers followed the practice of storing water in containers made of copper. Their aim was probably to safeguard drinking water but there's more to the story. In today's modern world where we have UV filters and RO purifiers to purify water, the storage of water in metal containers may sound old-fashioned and not needed. However, this age-old practice referenced in ancient texts of Ayurveda is now supported by several.
These Copper Bottle & Glass Set are beautifully designed to add grace to your drinking experience.The Shiny Brown color of the Glass lends them a classy look.
It comes with a attractive box, Care instruction Booklet and Copper Cleaning Pitambari Powder.
On the Occasion of Rakhi, Diwali, Christmas, Anniversary, Birthdays these items can be readily turned into a wonderful Gift Item.
If you are looking for a gift to give a party host or to a couple, why not make them something special for their home.

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