Indian Art Villa Hammered Steel Copper Curved Bowl, Dinnerware, 2.8" Inch

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SKU: IAV-CC-6-149

IndianArtVilla Presents Steel Copper Hammered Bowl. Enhance your kitchen decor and ensure a healthy way of life by bringing home stainless steel storage and serving set. Made of premium, food-grade quality stainless steel, the storage and serving set prevents food contamination. A mirror finish lends this set a rich look that will surely make your dining experience with family and friends memorable. Moreover, this kitchenware is nest able, saving you space in your kitchen cabinets. A complete value-for-money, this storage and serving set could be an useful addition to your kitchen or a perfect gifting option for friends.

FUNCTIONAL & FASHIONABLE - Stainless steel surface preserves the taste and nutritional qualities of foods and is safe for food contact; Copper bottom adds style - Easy to Clean - no re-tinning

Bowl in copper color looks elegant, from outside it seems it is made of copper

Our design process draws on decades of experience in providing kitchenware that are both durable and elegant

Comes with INDIAN ART VILLA How to use, Care instruction Booklet, Copper Cleaning Powder and INDIAN ART VILLA genuine packaging

Product Descriptions :-

 Sku Set of Material Weight (Gram) Capacity (Oz) Dimensions (inch) Color
IAV-CC-6-149 1 Pieces Steel Copper 120 5 Oz 1.2" X 2.8" Brown & Silver
IAV-CC-6-149-2 2 Pieces Steel Copper 240 5 Oz Each
1.2" X 2.8" Brown & Silver
IAV-CC-6-149-4 4 Pieces Steel Copper 480 5 Oz Each 1.2" X 2.8" Brown & Silver
IAV-CC-6-149-6 6 Pieces Steel Copper 720 5 Oz Each 1.2" X 2.8" Brown & Silver
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