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Copper Water Pot Online

We, at Indian Art Villa, offer endless designs, shapes and patterns when it comes to copper water pots. There is no doubt about the fact that storing water in Indian copper pots and drinking from them has numerous health benefits such as maintaining blood pressure, stimulating the immune system and boosting immunity. When you store water in a copper water pot overnight, it acquires the properties of copper that promote better health. 

Copper Water Pots Designs

Copper water pots are not only beneficial for the human body but also come with aesthetic appeal. Their beautiful shapes and designs showcase an unparalleled character of tradition amalgamating with modernity. In our vault, you will find newly added designs that are entirely dedicated to our sense of aesthetics that go perfectly with copper vessels. Some of our superhit designs are: 

  • Leaf design
  • Hammered design
  • Paisley design
  • Flower design
  • Hand engraved
  • Matt finish
  • Mix or matt finish 
  • Hand-hammered

Other than these, we also offer designs in prints such as peacock, aqua, marble, mandala and many more.

The best part about these designs is that some of them come with a stand, thus making which them handy.

You can get copper vessels from Indian Art Villa in sizes ranging from 2-19 liters in different shapes and sizes.

Benefits of Copper Dispenser

All these patterns and designs have different and one-of-a-kind features, so you can choose whatever you think will look magnificent in your kitchen. The main features are durability, color composition, cost-efficient and whatnot. 

History of Copper Water Dispenser

Sure copper water pots and vessels have a long history of over 10,000 years. But believe it or not, they are, to date, are as relevant as before in today’s modern world. Copper water pots are surprisingly durable and do not carry any risk of damage. Furthermore, they do not have any side effects. 

Copper pots are unquestionably exquisite and elegant. They add character to your place with their unique and antique look. Adding copper utensils to your kitchen will definitely make it more than just a room for cooking. If you are a person of traditional and unique taste, copper pots are an excellent choice for you. 

Buy Copper Pots for Water Storage

Along with copper pots, you will also find copper waterpots with a tap attached to them. This makes their usage a lot easier. No longer do you have to open the lid and put your glass inside the pot. Keep in mind that putting your hand inside the water pot is not at all hygienic which is why Indian Art Villa has brought to you excellent quality copper pots with Brass tap available in different sizes and attractive designs.