Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Winston Churchill had once said,” We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”
There can be no better feeling in life than the joy of giving or gifting.
Everyone loves to get a gift. Similarly, there are many people who revel in giving gifts. Gifting is a nice way to tell or convey to someone just how much you care about and value them.
Several research studies have revealed that gift-giving along with giving through volunteering can be very good for health and happiness. Additionally, they also reveal that spending money on others feels better than spending on oneself.
Neuroscience have confirmed after extensive studies that gifting like making a donation makes the brain’s reward circuitry light-up more than receiving a gift; and the joy of giving a gift lasts longer than accepting a gift.
Copper items are among the best gifts that one can give for any occasion. From Copper Jug and Glass Combo to Copper Jug and Glass Set, Copper Drinkware Set, Copper Gift Set, Brass Glass Set, and more, copper and brass items not only hold sentimental and artistic value thanks to their long-lasting capabilities, but also provide tons of health benefits.

Copper kitchen utensils ideal for gifting

Copper kitchen utensils make a perfect choice of gift for any occasion. Here are five of the best copper kitchen utensils that you should consider to give as a gift when looking to gift someone.

Copper drinkware set

Copper drinkware are known for their flavor-enhancing properties and ability to maintain proper temperature. Additionally, they possess immense stylish aesthetic appeal that can enliven the charm of any setting.
The best copper drinkware gift set would be a gift of a copper bottle or copper mug of hammered design with 2 copper glasses, presented in a gift box.
Made of the purest copper aided by the finest technology with no joints; and handcrafted with care, copper drinkware set makes for an exceptional gift for any occasion from celebrations to festivals, and parties. What makes it a standout is the attractive design on its exterior body is heightened by hammered indents that add character and flair to it. This in turn will give a royal look to any home or kitchen.
  • Copper Mug/Bottle is leak-proof and water-tight with a seal. This means when it is turned or kept upside, the water will not leak or spill over.
  • Copper Mug/Bottle is suitable for storing water overnight. Drinking water from them the first thing in the morning in a copper glass helps to maintain good health.
  • Water stored in a copper drinkware set helps to balance the three doshas in the body, that is, Kapha, Pitta, and Vata. The stored water gets infused with the positive health properties of copper.

Aside from this, copper made drinkware helps to produce new cells. That’s because copper is a key component in the production of cells that helps to replenish the top layers of the skin and keep it fresh, glowing, and radiant.
The designer copper drinkware set will last a lifetime and even generations, if properly cared for and looked after.

Copper jug and glass combo

If you know someone who loves to serve cocktails at parties or gatherings, then make sure to gift that person a copper jug and glass combo. Serving is an art of presentation, and when it comes to serving cocktails, there is no better way to do it than with copper jug and glass combo.
Aside from serving cocktails, copper jug and glass combo is also ideal for storing water. Drinking water from a copper jug helps to improve health tremendously – increases energy production; improves skin health, hair, and eyes; mitigates the risk of cancer; facilitates weight loss; and protects from infections. Pregnant women who have a copper glass of copper jug water benefit from the formation of inborn child heart; blood vessels; and skeletal and nervous system.
Indian Art Villa’s Copper Jug and Glass Combo is one-of-a-kind that makes for an ideal gift for any occasion. Available in different designs, the artistic looking Copper Jug and Glass Combo crafted by skilled craftsmen, comes with ‘How to Use’ and care instructions booklet; copper cleaning powder; and Indian Art Villa’s unique trademark packaging.
  • 100% copper genuine. This can be cross-checked with the 100% pure copper certification.
  • BPA-free. This means there will be no need to worry about harsh chemicals.
  • Trendy and attractive looks with superb ergonomics.

When ordered at great deals and offers, you get a contact less delivery at your doorstep.

Copper jug and glass set

If you wish to gift someone something that conveys the message of a healthier lifestyle, then there are fewer better gifts than Copper Jug and Glass Set. It will remind the person to whom it is gifted to stay well-hydrated and healthy always.
Designed to the highest standards of perfection and excellence by craftsmen dedicated to the art of metal-working, the delightful Copper Jug and Glass Set,
From Indian Art Villa evokes a royal look fusing elegance with style. Both the copper jug and copper glass is shaped from a single sheet of 100% pure copper with no joints or seams; engraved; and then polished by hand.
  • 100% pure and high-quality food-grade copper. This can be cross-checked with the 100% pure copper certification;
  • Copper Jug comes with an attractive brass knob;
  • Attractive with a leak-proof cap design for spill-free use;
  • Completely joint-free, making it suitable for storing in the fridge;
  • Highly durable and sturdy;
  • Easy to clean and maintain; and
  • BPA-free. This means there will be no need to worry about harsh chemicals.

When ordered at great deals and offers, you get a contact less delivery at your doorstep.

Copper gift set

According to Ayurveda, metals like copper have significant properties that allow it to hold onto the nutritional value of the food and water.
A Copper Gift Set in the form of copper kitchen utensils will be the best gift for occasions like weddings, anniversaries’, and engagements. What makes it so is copper is one of the best metals for cooking and storing food and water. A good example is that of cooking and storing rice; it stays in ultimate freshness as each rice grain is separately cooked.
Also, copper is connected with sun and fire – ERGO (sun) increases AGNI (fire) in the body which leads to increased metabolic rate.
Made of 100% pure copper with no joints, and handcrafted with skill and care by expert craftsmen, Indian Art Villa’s Copper Gift Set is of exceptional quality; plastic-free; and reusable with health benefits.
Additionally, the aesthetic design that’s handmade gives it a heightened glamorous look. Easy and stylish to carry as well, the Copper Gift Set is the perfect gift for any occasion.

Brass glass set

In Ayurveda, Brass Vessels are described as having an alkalizing effect on liquid served in it. This helps to regulate thyroid gland function; strengthen bones; improve immune system; reduce fatigue; treat skin issues; facilitate hair growth; and heal constipation.
The Brass Glass Set from Indian Art Villa is a classical masterpiece and the perfect way for serving drinking water or tea or coffee or wine. Made of pure brass, and handcrafted with precision and care by expert craftsmen, the brassware set is not only of exceptional quality, but also its embossed design gives it a heightened look that will make it a standout wherever its placed.
  • Stunning and unique embossed design which will make it a wonderful addition to any setting, home or office décor.
  • Lifestyle and utilitarian object that’s beautifully simple, and perfect for serving any liquid.
  • Highly durable; this makes it long-lasting.
  • Easily recyclable in the event of the brass item getting damaged.

If looked after and cared for well, the Brass utensils can last for a lifetime and even multiple generations.

There can be fewer better gifts than copper kitchen utensils. They not only make for the perfect gift but are also a treasure that’s worth preserving forever.


When you gift anyone copper kitchen utensils, just seeing the face of that person brighten up after will be the best gift you will have ever experienced.
Whether its Copper Drinkware Set or Brass Glass Set, Indian Art Villa provides a high quality in all sort of utensils. These will come to play a major role in the life of the person to whom you have gifted, in health and fortune wise.
Above all, make sure that the copper made gift you gift is from Indian Art Villa.

Virendra Taluka is the founder of Indian Art Villa, a company that specializes in copperware, brassware & bronzeware kitchenware, home decor and spiritual items. With over 35 years' experience in the industry, Virendra has dedicated his career to preserving the rich cultural heritage of India through his work. With a team of skilled artisans, he started producing high-quality brass utensils, copper utensils, and other household items that quickly gained popularity across the country.

Author: Virendra Taluka