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Copper Bottles Online by Indian Art Villa

Drinking water in copper bottles has significantly proven to be extremely beneficial for your health. Not only does copper help in keeping your digestive system healthy but it also brings the power to fortify your body against harmful microbes. Furthermore, if you store water in a copper bottle, it gets naturally detoxed from all the impurities that it may contain. With the purpose of curating products that promote healthcare, Indian Art Villa brings to you an extensive collection of copper bottles in different sizes and designs. 

Indian Art Villa is an eminent copper bottle manufacturer. We are renowned for designing the most attractive and enduring range of copper bottles in the country. 

Benefits Of Drinking Water In Copper Bottles

  • Helps In Weight Loss
  • When you start drinking water in a copper bottle, you will see significant weight loss in less time. It helps your body in breaking down fat and gets rid of it in the most efficient manner.

  • Better Digestive System
  • Copper consists of properties that assist in killing harmful bacteria and diminish inflammation within your stomach. 

  • Heals Wounds
  • Copper consists of anti-viral, anti-bacterial and inflammatory properties that help in healing wounds faster. It is also renowned for strengthening the immune system and helping in the development of new cells.

    The one thing that you must know when you purchase a copper bottle online is that copper is extremely easy to mimic. Numerous brands sell fake copper products. However, we carry our pride for being the copper water bottle brand in India when it comes to the purity and quality that we offer.

    Apart from this, our wholesale range includes different types of copper bottles such as copper bottle 1 litre, yoga bottle, etc. If you are looking for a beautiful range of copper bottles online, browse through our collection and pick your favorite today.

    Note: Copper bottle usage is limited to water. Other liquids like juices, milk or drinks are not a great fit for copper.