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Copper Jugs Online by Indian Art Villa

With the rapid increase in demand of Copper Jugs, finding a pure and original copper water jug is becoming harder and harder everyday, all because of the copper jugs can be easily faked by other alloys to make it look exactly like them. These imitation jugs, although cheaper compared their Copper counterparts, carry virtually no health benefits offers by authentic copper jugs.

We are trusted copper jug manufacturers who are renowned for developing the finest quality of Copper items in Jaipur, India. A Copper pitcher made by Indian Art Villa is unmatched in terms of design and durability. You can shop your desired copper jugs online through our online platform and get them delivered to your doorsteps with quick delivery, only from Indian Art Villa. 

How to choose an original copper jug?  

So now that we know how how easily copper jugs can be imitated, is there is way to differentiate authentic one from fake? Let us list down some of the most crucial aspects of determining the quality of copper, in general. This way, the next time you’re shopping an original copper jug anywhere, you’ll have a clear picture of how ‘original’ the jug in in question really is. So, here’s an objective checklist to check out before choosing an ideal copper pitcher: 

  • Concentration of Copper

Copper isn’t exactly the most robust metal out there. Copper’s ductile properties come at the cost of its reduced hardness. In other words, a copper water jug is mixed with other metals in order to make sure it stays durable for a long time. However, while buying an ideal copper bottle, make sure that the purity of Copper is not too compromised. In short, more copper should automatically corroborate to a better quality of copper vessels

  • Value for Money

It’s no secret that copper items are pretty heavy on pocket as copper itself is too expensive. Even so, many copper jug manufacturers charge way more than the justified price, and their products sell nonetheless! You should be extra careful in selecting the right bottle at the right price. Make sure to fish around the copper utensils market thoroughly, both online and offline, before you finally get a clear picture of the exact price range of different copper jugs. 

  • Trends

Last but not the least, when there are so many latest designs in Copper jugs, why go for the plain and mundane ones? Choose the most attractive and appealing Copper water jugs there are in the market. The very fact that copper is so accepting of colorful paints makes it open to all types of creative experiments you can imagine! 

In other words, choosing a pure copper jug is easier once you are done with a little amount of research to back your search.

We are a trusted brand with a treasure tove of costumers who own our copper jugs in India. We offer original copper jugs with minimal amounts of mixing to them more and more durable in the long run. Based on customer reviews, we can proudly boast about us being the provider of best copper jugs in India. Visit our store or order online with no sign ups and easy payment options!