The Best Time for Healthy Beginnings is Now

Drinking Water in a Copper Utensil not only eliminates Harmful Effects of Plastic but Re-Invents our age old techniques to get Health Benefits out of Copper.

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We have gotten so busy with our lives that at times, we even forget to have a glass of water. And when we do, we usually drink straight from our bottles. To keep you healthy and hydrated, we at Indian Art Villa introduce to you an excellent range of pure copper bottles. We understand that drinking water from copper drinkware is healthy. Copper has components that purify water naturally and that is why we are adding a hint of our extraordinary, mesmerising designs of copper drinkware to give the bottles and jugs a contemporary look.

Copper contains properties that kill harmful bacteria and reduce inflammation within your stomach, therefore making
it an excellent remedy for indigestions, ulcers and other stomach infections.

A set of exquisite and unique tableware always works ideally in complementing your extravagant spread. For this reason, Indian Art Villa brings to you an extensive range of copper kitchen utensils to add character to your kitchen space. Be it copper bottles or jug sets, brass utensils or mugs, we have got you covered. Keep yourself hydrated this summer with the amazing conductivity of copper as it allows you to preserve the anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic metal properties. Check out our collections in the menu and explore our unique gamut of copper bottles, copper kitchen utensils and even brassware.