Why doesn Copper Change Color ?

You will find that with use; the Copper product will patina. That is completely normal (and natural!) and the best way to clean it and restore to its natural shine is to wipe down with lemon juice and water and wash it with copper cleansing powder. For further ease and assistance we provide a complimentary sample of Copper Cleansing Powder (By Pitambri), this powder acts as an agent in restoring the original luminous texture of the product.The reason for sudden color change in a copper utensil or a pot is because copper does not react with water but it does react with atmospheric oxygen to form a layer of brown-black copper oxide (refer to the picture, suggesting non oxidized copper on the left and oxidized copper on the right) which, unlike the rust that forms on iron in moist air, protects the underlying metal from further corrosion. Thankfully it is not permanent and can be removed, polishing copper utensils take up a little elbow grease but drinking water from copper utensils gives amazing health benefits like fighting cancer, acts as an anti ageing agent, is full of oxidants, lowers the risk of heart diseases and hypertension, helps in better functioning of the digestive system, protection against infections, beating anemia etc.

Why do sometimes copper bottle cap tightens ?

It so happens at time since copper is not as tensile as steel, the caps might become sturdy to tighten, in this case putting a little oil around the rings of the seal of the cap and the rim of the bottle and putting it away for a certain amount of time resolves the issue. The grease in the oil will bring back the cap to its proper functioning again.

Products often being delivered with dents and scratches ?

Copper unlike steel and other such materials falls into the category of soft metals and is malleable, a firm squeeze by our hands can also put dents in the product in our hands, since these are handmade products; they are prone to a certain amount of scratches. To deal with the dents simply push it out with the heel of your hand or tap the area with a rubber mallet. To ensure long lasting of your product, one should clean it timely for a long lasting shine and luster.

How much copper water should you drink a day?

You can consume water from a copper vessel whenever you want to however the water stored in a copper vessel is known as 'tamara jal' and it is recommended to store water in a copper jar or vessel overnight and drink at least one glass/cup first thing in the morning for maximum benefits. Water needs to be in a copper vessel for at least 16 hours before consumption.

What does water stored in a copper vessel taste like?

It tastes great- fresh, clean and pure, though some people expect the water to taste metallic, water stored in a copper bottle will absorb the necessary quantity of copper, but it doesn’t absorb that much amount of copper to drastically change the taste of water although you may detect a small hint of taste of copper if your tongue touches the tip of the bottle while you drink from it.

Should I clean my copper vessel before using it for the first time?

Your copper vessel arrives ready to keep you fit and healthy but we do recommend cleaning it with water and the Copper Cleansing Powder(Pitambri) provided along with the product, before using it for the first time.

Can the copper bottles be refrigerated or used for storing hot boiling water?

Copper being a soft, malleable and tensile material; the bottles should not be put into the freezer, though they can be refrigerated but not for longer time periods, say overnight.In terms of storing boiling water into the bottle, we suggest that it is better if you store lukewarm water in the bottles.