Oh! Jingle bells, jingle bells,
jingle all the way.
Oh what fun it is to ride
in a one-horse open sleigh.

Hey! Are you willing to celebrate this Christmas? Undoubtedly you have been eagerly waiting for this event since last year. As last year due to the pandemic we aren't able to celebrate Christmas. This eve is eagerly awaited and celebrated by Christian as well as by the non Christians, and this day is widely known as the “Feast Day of Christ”. We all loved to embellish Christmas trees with bells, lights, garland, tinsel, and ornaments.

Children are especially waiting for Santa to bring them different gifts for Christmas. Christmas presents are something which are cherished not only by children but also by adults. 

This year we have hunted down some best Christmas gifts ideas as well as the healthy ones. Nowadays people are getting health conscious from their eating habits to exercise. They prefer to stay in shape, So, why sabotage somebody's efforts? Instead present something that motivates them to enhance their efforts.

Christmas Present Ideas

Here we are going to recommend some healthy, wealthy copper and brass Crockery items to gift your loved ones. There are multiple gifts for Christmas,  but presenting something non-identical seems great for everyone

Copper Serveware Combos

This has been a tremendous gift for Christmas for the host who loved to invite his/her relatives on every occasions and this includes Mughlai copper handi with lids, Steel Copper Set of 3 Oval Serving Platter Plate with Brass Handle, and many more, In winters we all specially Indian loved the meal which is made on Sigri, so the Copper Brass Sigri with Steel Copper Serving Kadai & Spoon can be the best option for them.

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Brass Dinner/Thali Sets

Brass Dinner sets have always been the finest present for anyone and a great Christmas gift idea, as people now are shifting from plastics to copper, steel etc. This contains plates, bowls, glasses, spoons etc. The number can be different like 7,14 and 21 and the price can get slightly higher as the number of quantities increases.

Brass Dinner Set

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Silver Plated Gifting Bowl Set

This could be an outstanding present for someone who recently bought a new home on this Christmas. A set of silver plated bowls covered with the soft velvet box would be a luxury gift for anybody. The quantity of bowl can be two or more depending upon the choice and as the number increases the price can get slightly higher.

Silver Plated Gifting Bowl Set

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Copper Gift Sets

Copper gift set which includes jugs and bottles along with glasses which are also available in printed designs, this could be an ideal gift for Christmas for the person who is getting retired, or the young adults who wanted a flawless skin,  and wanted to lose weight as we all know water that is stored in copper vessels are really good for digestive system.
Copper Gift Sets

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Copper Bottle

You can give this copper bottle to the gym lover who wants to keep himself fit, the capacity of this bottle varies from 675ml to 1200ml and price can be slightly different when it comes to different shapes and sizes.. It is travel friendly, leak proof and available in multiple printed designs and colors.

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Brass Cups and Tea Pots

Brass tea pots and cups are the compulsion for every family and that too of brass can add more value to your showcase, and you can give it to the person who has a good knowledge of interior or can a interior designer and you can give a kettle that too of brass which looks amazingly beautiful.

Brass Tea Pot

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Brass Kitchen Storage

We all have huge kitchens and nowadays people have modular kitchens but still it's very hard to manage storage in the kitchens but this brass kitchen storage can be a great Christmas gift idea to give someone who wants a clean and tidy place without much effort. This includes a spice masala box which has 7 compartments where you can store as much spices you can. Moreover, there is Brass Oil Spoon Ladle Height :- 11.4" Inch which can be used for parties and weddings etc.

Brass Masala Box

Copper Water Pot

Water in the copper for an empty stomach has always been a tonic. These copper water pots are available in different capacities and different designs, also you can present a water dispenser to your elders to keep them fit and fine in their golden years.
Copper Water Pot

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The Crux of the matter 

We have discussed many Christmas gift ideas, and we learned that steel and brass are important for our health but nothing is more important than the love and affection we get from our loved ones. Obviously a gift is the true love we get from our relatives, but the blessing from elders is much more precious. Blessings of elders hold a lot of meaning in everyone's life.. they are probably most significant and valuable for each one of us, as compared to all the other expensive things in life!

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Author: Virendra Taluka
November 14, 2021