Indian Art Villa Brass with tin Lining & Gold Finish Pot With Lid & Handle On Both Side, Cookware, Serveware & kitchen tools

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Weight - 1030 Grams

Height - 5.5 inch

Width - 6.5 inch

Volume - 43oz



Weight - 1240 Grams

Height - 5.8 inch

Width - 7.3 inch

Volume - 57oz



Weight - 1190 Grams

Height - 5.7 inch

Width without Handle - 7.5 inch

Width with Handle - 10 inch

Volume - 67oz



Weight - 1660 Grams

Height - 6 inch

Width without Handle - 8.3 inch

Volume - 84oz



Weight - 1400 Grams

Height - 6 inch

Width without Handle - 8.5 inch

Width with Handle - 11.5 inch

Volume - 84oz



Weight - 1930 Grams

Height - 5.9 inch

Width without Handle - 9 inch

Width with Handle - 12 inch

Volume - 118oz


Key Features

  • This Induction Friendly Frying / Sauce Pot is used to Boil water, make tea, coffee, etc., or serve dishes like biryani, & Liquid vegetables like Curry, Pulses, etc also bring them to the table for serving Authentic Indian Dining Experience.
  • The material used is food grade. Brass is used only on the outside of the utensil and does not come in contact with the food. Only the high-quality food-grade Tin Lining is in contact with the food. Tin Lining preserves the taste and nutritional qualities of foods and is safe for food contact.
  • These Sauce Pots not only have health benefits but also have Trendy looks for better ergonomics. You can add Royal Vintage Look to your Home & Kitchen Area by using this as your cookware or server
  • Lid: Comes with a lid which is multipurpose, while cooking it steams your food in a lesser time, and if you use it while serving you can use it as a cover and keep it safe from bacterias, etc
  • Since there is no plastic it has the benefit of being BPA-free, so you don't have to worry about harsh chemicals.
  • This beautiful and useful Product has been handcrafted and Artisan Crafted by skilled craftsmen of Indian Art Villa with care and love and is of exceptional quality which makes it a perfect gift for all occasions.
  • Order this Drinkware from Indian Art Villa at Great deals and offers and get a Contactless delivery at your doorstep.
  • Comes with INDIAN ART VILLA How to use, Care instruction Booklet and Sample Cleaning Powder.



Indian Art Villa Brings Best Quality Brass Pot with a Brass Handle on Both Sides and brass lid used as Serveware or Cookwares with a Tin Lining Inside. We offer the best affordable prices and Free Shipping PAN India. We also offer Easy returns and exchanges. T&C Applied. Water stored in a brass vessel increases strength and immunity. It also helps pacify pitta (burning sensations, aggression), increases hemoglobin count, and improves the general condition of your skin. Brass Produces melanin for healthy hair and skin. Eating food from a brass vessel Prevents abdominal infections. When food is cooked in brass utensils natural oil gets released that adds unique flavor and taste to the food. As zinc is present in Brass, it helps purify the blood. Zinc is also known to Sharpen the memory of your brain hence consuming water or food from a brass vessel sharpens the memory. Consuming food or water from a brass vessel helps in curing respiratory diseases like cough and asthma. The Elegant and Attractive Design lends this a rich look that will surely impress your guests and make your cooking experience with family and friends memorable. Brass is known to be the best cooking metal for rice and is known to have anti-bacterial properties in it.


Care Tips

Brass is a mixture of copper and zinc metals. So after a period of time Brass reacts with open-air or oxygen and generally gets oxidized or tarnished and might turn black or green. Here are some ways that might help you to maintain Brass products well.

  1. Pitambari Powder is the best and most traditional way to clean brass items.
  2. Vinegar with a combination of Salt can be applied and cleaned or otherwise the brass product that is to be cleaned can be immersed in a solution of vinegar and salt in boiling water.
  3. Avoid scratchy cleaners like steel scrub.
  4. For daily wash, you can use a soft/mild soap base liquid and then rinse it with hot water and gently wipe it with a soft cloth.


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    Indian Art Villa is serving since 2012. We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of pure brass & copper products. Its Vision is to highlight the need of bringing highly skilled metal-working artisans (mainly copper) into the economic mainstream. The organization also promotes a culture-based development model that focuses on heritage and craft preservation. DECLARATION - Buy ORIGINAL products with "Indian Art Villa - HOLOGRAM" from our website Indian Art Villa is a Registered & Copyright Brand & Does not Authorize any other seller to sell their products under our or Similar Names. Be aware of fake sellers using our images to sell their products. Indian Art Villa does not provide any quality assurance for products bought from other sellers. Sticker on Products is for Reference Purpose only.



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